A 3-day working session to create the roadmap to your goals.

We find the key metrics to drive sales, non-strategic expenses that can be eliminated, find performance gaps, and identify improvement opportunities.

The Driving Profits Workshop is based on the 4 Pillars of Sustainable Profit

These 4 key areas have the largest impact on profitability because they combine both cost savings and revenue growth.  Most of the overspend in sales is found in these areas.

You no longer have to  sacrifice growth when reducing costs

  • Profit Formula

​How do we make money?

  • Profitable Revenue

Where are sales going to come from?

  • ​Profitable Demand

​How do I reach prospects?

  • ​Profit Multipliers

​How  do  we grow the business?

Profit Formula

Every company has an understanding of why its in business and how it wants to make money. Increase revenue but scale costs = more profit.

Profit Multipliers

Sales has many parts but only few key elements that exponentially increase profits. Focusing on the commission plan, hiring, and the front-line managers are a few.

Profitable revenue

Revenue is the life blood of a company. New clients must be developed at a reasonable cost. Existing customers are 10 times more likely to close and cost one-sixth to sell.

Profitable demand

A pipeline full of qualified opportunities dramatically impacts salespeople’s performance. Sales ready lead generation frees sales people for selling.



1 Day working with Leadership + 

1 Day working with Sales Team +

1 Day working with Sales Managers


Sales Objectives consistent with the companies goals

An executable profit and performance improvement plan

$30k to 60k in identified cost reductions

Customer valuation and sales messaging aligned to the buyer’s journey

Sales results that actually stick



We collect information and do diagnostic work to select the right workshop deliverables. Win/Loss analysis and collateral review.


Discussions with participants including survey information.  Customer and team member interviews for clarity on the sales process, gaps and goals.


Based on the information collected we prepare a specific workshop agenda for the Leadership team.



Leadership shares goals and gaps, specifying expectations of the sales team.


Working with the data collected and Leaderships input, an action plan is developed for immediate implementation.


Work directly with sales people and front-line managers about the plans, goal alignment and the focus on being a profit driven sales force going forward.



Help team members and sales manager achieve milestones in the plan.


Assist with overcoming obstacles with plan achievement. Coaching and training delivered when part of the action plan.


30-60-90 day plan evaluation and review. Adjust plan as needed, including any additional training or resources needed.

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