December 22

My Wow Isn’t Your Wow – Customer Satisfaction


We hear a lot about sales being a part of a "Wow" experience. That if we create great customer service and be memorable our clients will be loyal, buy more from us, and our sales will improve. ​Is that true? More importantly, have we really asked our customers and prospects what they consider GREAT service?


What delivers customer satisfaction and how does that impact ​sales?

The other day​ a salesperson drove over to my office to see me. Apparently I hadn't filled out a form correctly and it was preventing an order from being processed. I guess as part of her trying to give great service (and impress me) she decided that a couple hours of her day should be devoted to getting in her car, driving over to my office and meeting with me over a paperwork correction.

I thought, wow, she's not busy enough.

Worse, she assumed I wasn't busy enough.

A fax or email would have fixed the problem and made me much happier.

Customer Satisfaction is About Them

Please don't get me wrong. Great service and being memorable is important - even critical. Starbucks doesn't get five bucks for a cup of coffee for the java alone. However what is important to you as the seller probably isn't the same thing as what is important to the buyer.

It's not about being memorable - it's about being memorable in a ​ways the customer appreciates AND acknowledges.

Do You Know What is Important to Your Prospects and Customers?

​Seriously, do you? How do you know? Gardner & Associates did a study of several thousand B2B firms and found that:

  • ​Less than 27% of companies had a formal method for discovering what was important to their customers
  • ​In comparing what the company thought was important to what the customer said, there was almost a 97% misalignment between the two
  • ​When asked why a piece of business was won or lost, in almost no case were the answers the same between the buyers and the sellers
  • ​Less than 5% of salespeople answered what was important to their prospects the same as the other salespeople on the same team
  • ​93% of companies and salespeople had some methodology or 'rules' for ensuring customer satisfaction and follow-up, however none had confirmed if those actions were important to the clients themselves

WIIFM - The Key to New Business and Satisfied Customers

We all know the only radio station that people listen to 24x7 -

What's In It For Me Radio, WIIFM.

Stop assuming you know what is playing on ​your customer's 'station' - in the thoughts and feelings of your customers. Call, write, visit - find out. Then act on those things. Most likely it will be different for each customer and prospect. Learn about them. Then deliver the kind of WOW experience that will make you memorable and known for delivering great customer satisfaction.

​If you do that your life will be easier and your share of the customer's wallet will become much larger - without the waste of driving around agrevating people doing things they didn't want or need ​in the first place - like my ​former vender's salesperson.


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