We help B2B sales organizations generate 

more revenue and profit per rep

Winning Doesn’t Take Super Human Powers, It Just Takes A Proven Process

Bringing in revenue for a business absolutely necessary making sales a high-stakes function. The sales force is critically important, and no two companies create or manage sales teams in exactly the same way. However, in working with hundreds of clients, we’ve identified some of the top sales challenges and developed the strategies to solve those issues.

We help organizations overcome

  • Discounting deals to close business
  • Underperforming sales teams
  • Untapped profit & growth potential
  • The costly expense of mis-hires and turnover
  • Inaccurate sales forecasts
  • Aligning incentives with company goals

Your Sales Teams will Learn How to:

  • Get more qualified appointments
  • Deal with price pressure and competition
  • Differentiate solutions from the competition
  • Avoid discounting - larger deals, higher margins
  • Increase customer spend and profitability
  • Increase closing rates and grow their pipeline
  • Adopt a consistent sales process

Your Sales Manager will get help:

  • Improving sales forecast accuracy
  • Attracting & retaining the right talent at a lower cost
  • Coaching and leading their sales teams
  • Fostering a profit driven culture
  • Driving profitable revenue growth
  • Holding team members accountable
  • Linking execution to the company's goals

Avoid the Failure Points

There are several challenges that a business faces when attempting to improve the performance of their sales team – and why so many of the promises made by consultants fail to provide results. You can read more about them here, but briefly they are

  • Disruption of the current revenue engine (the sales team)
  • Expecting transformation instead of improvement
  • Too much change too quickly

Our process overcomes those challenges. We find out what your goals are, research the gaps impeding those goals and execute on a realistic plan. We recognize that revenue can’t be disrupted in the process of improving performance. Every company, leader and division has limits as to what can be changed. For example, you can’t develop a new product tomorrow or you many not have the ability to change the corporate compensation plan. We work within those limits.

Lastly, while big initiatives are important and often necessary, they require massive change and disruption. LEAN’s Kaizen approach of continuous improvement with small permanent changes is the most effective way to keep existing revenue generating systems and teams operating while improving them exponentially over time. A 1% improvement daily doubles your result in 70 days. A 1% improvement to the bottom line weekly triples profits.

Between improving demand generation to negotiating for better pricing, there are hundreds of ways to get 1% improvements. The trick is to get 1% again and again and again. Iteration and the effects of compounding will to do the work.

The Painless Process

Working together to increase profits is a simple three step process

Step 1: Let's Talk

Increasing profits by having a more effective profit driven sales force starts with a phone cal or contact. You can call us at (479) 306-6559 or use the contact form below.

Step 2: Let's Meet

If an opportunity exists to increase profits, let's meet. We can do our Fast Profits  workshop to make rapid changes immediately or have a meeting. Our meeting can be online or at your place of business.

Step 3: Let's Execute

We don’t preach best practices. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with you and your team to help you execute your plan. 

Ready for a Conversation?

You know what's working and you know what isn't. Fix what you need to and maximize your selling investment. 

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What Makes Profit Driven Sales Different?

The Profit Driven Salesforce works because it doesn’t try to fix you. You have years of experience and have built a successful business. You don’t need to be fixed. The system does. The breakthrough in our system is that sales professionals have a track to run on based on investments you are making. Salespeople no longer have to generate their own plans or messaging based on a 'top down' growth target. Many businesses have made millions of dollars using the Profit Driven framework and marketing system. Hundreds of salespeople have increased their production, crushed their quotas and become leaner more effective selling professionals.