Profit Based Hiring

Wrong hires are the single highest cost in a business

DePaul University found the average cost of turnover is $114,957 and the average replacement time over 6 months. How much revenue is lost? What is the damage to clients, team moral and company resources? About half of newly hired salespeople fail and the half-retained fail to meet quota.

How are companies still getting sales hiring so wrong?

  • ​Few sales managers have any formal training on hiring or onboarding
  • ​Sociable, outgoing candidates that perform well in the interview room are the single biggest cause of hiring mistakes in sales
  • ​There are over 600,000 videos on YouTube teaching sales candidates how to sell themselves in an interview
  • ​Managers are overly confident about their ability to evaluate candidates using interviews
  • ​Good hiring is a system, not an event and requires hiring to be a core business process.

​Are you ready to drive new growth and outsell your competition?


Our hiring process helps you:

  • ​Eliminate the practice of hiring in one’s own image
  • ​Identify talent gaps and build a plan to hire able, productive players
  • ​Find, select, onboard and develop talent to realize higher levels of growth
  • ​Managers are overly confident about their ability to evaluate candidates using interviews
  • ​We’ll equip you to learn answer to the three questions that matter: Can they sell? Will they sell? Can they sell for me?

“Fully 90% of your success as a sales manager or business owner is determined by the quality of salespeople you have. - Brian Tracy - Author, The Psychology of Selling

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