​More sales without more profits is just more work. The cost of sales is now the second highest expense after cost of goods. Sales costs can be reduced by focusing on profit.

The concept of a Profit Driven Salesforce is simple and straightforward: put the bottom line on top by making customer profitability the focal point of all commercial activities, including marketing, sales, and customer management.

​A company can’t sell at a loss and make it up on volume. For a business to thrive it must make a profit. We help B2B sales organizations to not only increase revenue but also generate more profit by each salesperson.

  • ​Decrease the cost of sales while increasing revenues and sales
  • ​Close business at the margins you need without discounting
  • ​Beat the competition with effective sales processes, people and solutions
  • ​Differentiate against competitors, including the largest competitors who are often the customer not doing anything or doing it themselves



A 3 day workshop to create the roadmap to your goals. Eliminate unnecessary expenses, find performance gaps, and identify improvement opportunities. 


Lower your cost of compensation while making it a force for goal achievement and motivation.  Drive goal attainment and don’t pay for non-performance.​


On-demand access to Sales Executives when you need them. Real-time assistance helping your teams crush their numbers.


Reduce attrition and only hire great performers. Use benchmarks from the best reps and onboard for immediate results.


You have a business to run. Let us add the bandwidth, skills and experience of a leader to your team without the cost of hiring another executive.


Increase the number of sales ready leads your sales force can sell into. Lower the cost of customer acquisition by increasing demand.

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​1% Change

Sales can do more than create revenue - the sales team must create profitable revenue. That means bringing in business at acceptable margins and removing waste throughout the selling process. The largest sources of overspend and waste in sales comes from a remarkably short list of issues:

  • ​The high cost of miss-hires that creates turnover and poor of performance
  • ​Compensation that doesn't align with the company's goals
  • ​Using expensive salespeople to create most of their own leads and opportunities
  • ​Emphasizing new business over increasing customer value

Profit Driven Sales has solutions for each of those challenges. We can help you hire people who can do the job, not just just get the job. We can assist with compensation plans that motivate performance that aligns with the goals of the company and doesn't reward non-performers. With a robust demand generation program you can outsource, take in-house, or improve marketing to supply a steady stream of sales-ready leads for your salespeople to sell into.  Lastly, by working on your customer's experience, you can double and even triple profits. Selling to an existing customer costs one-sixth of new account sales and are 10x times more likely to close. Customer value is a profit multiplier

We can support your company by:

  • ​Providing ​practical advice to improve customer profitability
  • ​Enhance collaboration between sales, marketing and customer service
  • ​Adding the experience of seasoned sales experts without the high cost of hiring them
  • ​Support your team to use Profit Driven concepts, tools and methods, as well as how to apply them in your organization

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