​Increasing Demand - Lead Generation & Prospecting

The greatest challenge to growth is getting enough qualified opportunities in the sales pipeline. Without qualified leads salespeople chase poor opportunities, close unprofitable business and spend too much time prospecting. Business Development and Lead Generation is a make or break function.

Using salespeople to prospect is the most expensive method of generating opportunities. Salespeople shouldn’t be prospecting. Doctors don’t find their own patients, and for the same reasons salespeople shouldn’t: cost and limited time.

Today, B2B buyers do their own research, access multiple sources of information and contact salespeople late in the buying process. This has caused customer acquisition costs to skyrocket. The solution isn’t more; more calls; more emails; more unqualified leads. 80% of marketing developed leads are ignored by salespeople.

Get salespeople selling - not prospecting

Change your salespeople from opportunity seekers into business closers. Get them in-front of qualified buyers more often. People perform best doing what they love to do – get your people doing what they love – selling, not prospecting.

We can help you:

  • ​Stop depending on finding current buyers by executing effective sales campaigns
  • ​Assist B2B buyers navigate their complex and information-overloaded buying journey
  • ​Provide sales with only sales-ready leads that have a high probability of closing
  • ​Develop opportunities that your competitors don’t know about
  • ​Identify a primary market segment and map out every stage of their buying journey
  • ​Increase the receptivity of the customers and prospects with messaging they are eager to hear

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